Talk About Application Migration in HPC Environments at HPCS Conference in Innsbruck

FAST will present a paper on application migration in HPC environments at the 14th "International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation" (HPCS 2016) in Innsbruck, Austria.

Title: Application Migration in HPC -- A Driver of the Exascale Era?

Authors: Simon Pickartz, Carsten Clauss, Jens Breitbart, Stefan Lankes und Antonello Monti

Abstract: Application migration is valuable for modern computing centers. Apart from a facilitation of the maintenance process, it enables dynamic load balances for an improvement of the system’s efficiency. Although, the concept is already wide-spread in cloud computing environments, it did not find huge adoption in HPC yet.
As major challenges of future exascale systems are resiliency, concurrency, and locality, we expect migration of applications to be one means to cope with these challenges. In this paper we investigate its viability for HPC by deriving respective requirements for this specific field of application. In doing so, we sketch example scenarios demonstrating its potential benefits. Furthermore, we discuss challenges that result from the migration of OS-bypass networks and present a prototype migration mechanism enabling the seamless migration of MPI processes in HPC systems.